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GAO Yicheng, LIU Zhihan, TAO Liyuan, CAO Rui, XIA Ruyu, FENG Yuting, FANG Rui, DENG Yingjie, XIANG Wenyuan, FEI Yutong. Considerations and Methodological Suggestions on Health Equity in Clinical Practice Guideline Development[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.2023-0096
Citation: GAO Yicheng, LIU Zhihan, TAO Liyuan, CAO Rui, XIA Ruyu, FENG Yuting, FANG Rui, DENG Yingjie, XIANG Wenyuan, FEI Yutong. Considerations and Methodological Suggestions on Health Equity in Clinical Practice Guideline Development[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.2023-0096

Considerations and Methodological Suggestions on Health Equity in Clinical Practice Guideline Development

doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.2023-0096

Key Research and Development Program of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (2021B03006-4)

  • Received Date: 2023-02-24
    Available Online: 2023-05-16
  • Health equity can narrow the health gap between different groups and enable citizens to enjoy fair health services. Clinical practice guideline makers pay more and more attention to the consideration of health equity, and make some exploration and application in the corresponding guidelines. However, currently, there is little structured and systematic consideration of health equity in the process of clinical practice guideline development, and the guidance for the guideline is limited. This paper aims to put forward methodological suggestions for in-depth consideration of health equity in the key links of clinical practice guideline development, in order to provide reference for guideline developers.
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