Volume 12 Issue 5
Sep.  2021
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Chinese Society of Surgery, Chinese Society of Anesthesiology. Clinical Practice Guidelines for ERAS in China (2021)(Ⅰ)[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 2021, 12(5): 624-631. doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.20210001
Citation: Chinese Society of Surgery, Chinese Society of Anesthesiology. Clinical Practice Guidelines for ERAS in China (2021)(Ⅰ)[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 2021, 12(5): 624-631. doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.20210001

Clinical Practice Guidelines for ERAS in China (2021)(Ⅰ)

doi: 10.12290/xhyxzz.20210001
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    Corresponding authors: ZHAO Yupei  Tel: 86-10-69155810, E-mail: zhao8028@263.net; HUANG Yuguang  Tel: 86-10-69152620, E-mail: garybeijing@163.com

  • Received Date: 2021-09-17
  • Accepted Date: 2021-09-20
  • Publish Date: 2021-09-30
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