Jian-chun YU, Zhi-gang XUE. Active Assessment and Intervention:Issues of Clinical Nutrition in Guidelines for Enhanced Recovery after Gastrointestinal Surgery[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 2018, 9(6): 490-495. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-9081.2018.06.003
Citation: Jian-chun YU, Zhi-gang XUE. Active Assessment and Intervention:Issues of Clinical Nutrition in Guidelines for Enhanced Recovery after Gastrointestinal Surgery[J]. Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, 2018, 9(6): 490-495. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-9081.2018.06.003

Active Assessment and Intervention:Issues of Clinical Nutrition in Guidelines for Enhanced Recovery after Gastrointestinal Surgery

doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-9081.2018.06.003
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  • Corresponding author: YU Jian-chun  Tel: 010-69152629, E-mail: yu-jch@163.com
  • Received Date: 2018-08-27
  • Publish Date: 2018-11-30
  • Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) has been launched and implemented in gastrointestinal (GI) surgery for more than 20 years, especially in colorectal surgery. And several ERAS guidelines for GI surgery have been published. Recently, the ERAS guidelines for improving the standardization of perioperative management of GI surgery have been revised and updated several times in China and abroad. Clinical nutrition, which includes preoperative nutritional risk assessment, pre-rehabilitation such as oral nutritional supplement, and early postoperative enteral nutrition, is an indispensable and important component of ERAS and has been paid more attention. Here we mainly summarized the clinical nutrition part of the updated ERAS guides in GI surgery.
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